I Was Aware of Plans To Impeach President Uhuru, Kiambu Women Rep Switches To Kieleweke And Dumps Ruto

    President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kiambu Women Rep Gathoni Wa Muchomba./COURTESY

    Kaimbu Women Rep Gathoni Wa Muchomba has sensationally claimed she was aware of an elaborate scheme to impeach President Uhuru Kenyatta by the DP.This plan, she says  roped in a number of Central Kenya MPs who were paid and continue to receive weekly handouts to fight the president.Ms Gathoni Wa Muchomba has been a part of the Tanga Tanga group but has now withdrawn her support, saying Central Kenya MPs are betraying their supreme leader, Uhuru Kenyatta.

    ”Were it not the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila, his agreement with Kalonzo and Mudavadi,Uhuru would have been impeached by MPs of Central Kenya.If someone lies to you that you were working together, then goes behind your back to make evil plans,and leave you alone,wont you call him a betrayer?” she asked.

    She hit out at Central Kenya MPs for falling into Ruto’s trap of handouts and weekend finances to turn against President Uhuru Kenyatta.DP has been on the spotlight for dishing out huge chunks of money, whose source is unknown, to win political support and get political allies.

    ”I want to tell you Central Kenya MPs,without fear of contradiction.You are betraying Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta.You are being paid every weekend Sh 20,000 so that you sell Uhuru’s government.Shame on you!Shame on you!Shame on you!” she charged.

    The outspoken Women Rep said the MPs are lying to common citizen who elected them to office.These MPs, she said were supposed to be selling  Jubilee agenda as espoused by the president  but instead have chosen to sell the government to people she termed as ‘betrayers’.

    She was speaking in Kikuyu constituency during a church service where she also urged politicians to stop the 2022 talk and instead focus on delivering pledges made to the electorate in 2017.


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