Why Governor Okoth Obado Is Looking At A Possible Life In Prison As Sharon Case Begins

    Sharon Otieno Murder suspects Casper Obiero (left), Michael Oyamo (centre) and Migori governor Okoth Obado in the dock at a Milimani court .COURTESY

    News of her murder not only outraged the public but also sent shock waves across the republic as to how some people can be so inhumane, to an extent of butchering a pregnant woman and ripping an unborn child out of her womb.Her demise was a planned execution, the mafia style.It was not just a normal case of murder but one that had many faces and connected in many ways to power and politics.A year later, the case  files on Sharon Atieno, a Rongo Universty student and Obado’s secret lover open.

    Governor Okoth Obado-his personal assistant Michael Oyamo and Mr Casper Ojwang’, a clerk at the Migori County Assembly are the main suspects in this most foul murder.After being detained  for close to a month last year, for prosecution to file enough evidence that warrants being charged for murder, Governor Okoth Obado may just be looking at spending the rest of his life in prison, together with his accomplices.

    As Sharon’s case begin on Tuesday, Obado’s lawyers will have an uphill task trying to convince the judge he is innocent, even after  confessing he was in a romantic relationship with the slain second year student. Obado’s defence  team are believed to be working around the clock to have the bench dismiss Obado’s cell phone records and GPS location during the day of murder, all of which put the governor in a tight spot.

    The other headache for Governor Obado is,this case has been taken over by Justice Jessie  Lessit. From her history, Justice Jessie Lessit will be a thorn in the flesh and a hard nut to crack for Obado’s lawyers.She is  keen to see that justice is served, not only from her virtue as woman,but also from the fact that she is a parent whom Sharon may as well have been her child.It is from her presence in the bench that Obado’s team has tried in vain to have her excused from the case, citing her supposed bias and passion.

    The trial begins non stop from Tuesday and this may be the last time Governor Okoth Obado is tasting freedom.He may be facing a possible life and a subsequent old age imprisoned.

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