Stop Asking Waititu Meaningless Corruption Questions, Ruto Defends Kiambu Governor on 2B Loss

    DP William Ruto during Sunday service at All Saints Catholic Church Komothai Parish, Githunguri, Kiambu County./DPPS

    DP Ruto has termed graft queries directed to Kiambu Governor as ‘meaningless questions’ saying Waititu is as clean as a spoon in circus. Ruto, who was speaking in Kiambu today took issue with Auditor General and the Senate Public Accounts Committee which have raised major concerns on the spending of  Kiambu county devolution funds that  have lead to the loss of over 2B shillings.

    “Hata nashangaa huyu baba yao atajuaje haya maneno na kazi yake ni hapa Kiambu?Ile ya national government tuko na waziri wengi huku na watajibu hayo maswali… Bibilia inatuambia kila mtu atatabeba mzigo wake..Huyu Baba yao asiwekewe mslaba ambayo si wake.”

    This statement by the DP further puts in jeopardy efforts by the relevant agencies to tame corruption and once again, Ruto is seen as cleansing corrupt leaders.Governor Waititu is the Kiambu point man of the Tanga Tanga brigade which is tasked with drumming up support for Ruto’s bid in 2022.

    Senate Public Accounting Committee  found outrageous misappropriation of public funds while interrogating Waititu last week .Some of the allocations showed in the report were  Sh 973 million for coordination of State House functions, Sh 58 million for the South Sudan peace process, and Sh 804 million for free primary education.All these functions fall under the national government.

    However, Waititu has denied involvement in corruption despite the pressure to take the fall.Many leaders from Kiambu have urged the governor to take responsibility of the misappropriation, including his deputy, James Nyoro.

    ”“Waititu’s claim that he is not aware of how the allocations found their way into the documents are untrue because he ought to have had gone through the documents before signing them,” said Nyoro



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