Raila Odinga Visits Kabarak To Condole With The Mois

    Raila Odinga and Gideon Moi./COURTESY

    ODM leader Raila Odinga  flew to Kabarak this afternoon and currently is at the Moi’s residence to condole with the family following death of their son Jonathan, who was laid to rest last week Saturday. Raila Odinga is accompanied by his elder brother Oburu Oginga and a host of other leaders as well as close members of the Odinga family.

    During Jonathan Moi’s funeral service last week,Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyata were conspicuously absent following their trip to China where the two leaders were lobbying for Kenyan interests in the Asian country.However, their condolences were passed to Mzee Moi, with Muhoho Kenyatta, Uhuru Kenyatta’s brother sending condolences of the president and Siaya Senator James Orengo passing those of Raila Odinga and his brother Oburu.

    Notable political leaders had visited retired president at his Kabarak home on hearing the demise of his eldest son Jonathan.President Uhuru Kenyatta was the first to visit the patriarch of the Moi family,other leaders would follow later.However, it was DP Ruto’s denied access to Kabarak that sent tongues waggling.After being denied entry to Kabarak,Ruto flew to Kibimoi to condole with Jonathan’s widow, something that the Moi family did not take lightly.

    The rivalry between Gideon Moi and DP Ruto has gone past reconciliation levels and as the two leaders do not see eye to eye.Mediation efforts by the Kalenjin Council of elders has yielded no fruit due to the big egos from both sides.Whereas Ruto insists Gideon Moi should dissolve KANU and throw his weight behind him, the younger Moi is adamant saying only time he will support any candidate is when interest of Kenyans will be catered for in that support and not an individual’s .

    Raila Odinga’s visit to Kabarak is seen as a show of solidarity as well as showing support and his apologies for not being able to attend Jonathan’s send off last Saturday.

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