MPs Bitter as Uhuru’s Last Born Son in Company of Slay Queens Orders Recce to Throw Them Out from VIP Club

Kenyan Mps are a paragon of hubris. It is not uncommon to hear that they walk into a joint and have bouncers bundle everyone in sight out.

It was their turn to feel the pinch when President Uhuru’s youngest son Muhoho who is barely out of his diapers ordered Recce who are his bodyguards to throw out the leaders from the VIP lounge.

Several of the said MPs were evicted and the President’s brat did not care whether they are Kieleweke or Tanga tanga- wote walielewa na waka tanga tanga that night.

Amongst the humiliated was Caleb Amisi, a first term legislator in Trans Nzoia.

“I am an elected MP and this is not fair. What about common mwananchi? Is the son of the President above the law?” posed Mr Amisi, who was in company of other law makers

evicted several VIPs among them Mr Amisi, a first term legilator in Trans Nzoia.

“Uhuru son muhoho cause trouble in club Milan west-lands demanding to occupy vip place by using police force ,forcing management to evict us by force,an elected mp , despite us having paid fully for VIP .what about common people? he above the law (sic)?

The young man who was accompanied by skimpily dressed women and a dozen of security officers demanded that the VIP area which had been booked by the MPs be preserved for him and his team.

An MP has condemned the incident saying top government officials must reign on their sons and daughters and stop them from pushing their punny weight around.

Ford Kenya youth leader and a close confidant of Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula, Mr Nalianya Simiyu, took on his Facebook page to condemn the incident, wondering why Mr Muhoho was allowed to roam with many bodyguards.

“TeamUhuruKIBICHO has allowed Muhoho Kenyatta to roam from club to club with Extra Security to frustrate VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE including my Area MP yet Our DP DR Sugoi has been left with 2 SECURITY OFFICERS only….KWELI HUU NI UNGWANA KWELI MY FRIENDS FROM THE RIFT?’ he protested.

Of the three children of President Uhuru Kenyatta, only Muhoho makes public appearances often. His other siblings Ngina Kenyatta and Jomo Kenyatta prefer private lives. He’s often pictured partying.

In 2016, Muhoho  was caught red-handed puffing smoke alongside his alleged girlfriend Firyal Nur Al Hossain.

Muhoho Kenyatta has long been rumored to be dating Firyal Nur Al Hossain, the hot lass who’s related to Sports Cabinet Secretary, Amina Mohamed.

Muhoho and Firyal were spotted smoking cigarettes in broad daylight at a public function

The two had gone to a separate spot away from the glare of cameras and prying eyes to indulge in their secretive hobby not knowing a paparazzi had his camera locked on them.

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