Security Smiled When I Slapped Her Hard- Gitobu Imanyara on Why She Slapped Lucy Kibaki

That the late First lady Lucy Kibaki was petulant, a rabble-rouser who preferred using her fists as opposed to wits is not a best kept secret.

Some branded her Africa’s most violent first lady. She assaulted many State officials and dignitaries, journalists and her daughter is said to have been behind the Atur brothers saga.

But one man disciplined her. And he is none other than lawyer Gitobu Imanyara.

Gitobu is another very controversial guy who rubbed Moi’s government the wrong way countless times. This landed him in prison several times when he was barely 30.

“My life was disrupted early. I’m still rebuilding things from my past and catching up on a lot.”

The scuffle with former First Lady, the late Lucy Kibaki, in 2008 is perhaps the last but not the least of his dramatic public life spectacles. It was reported that Lucy slapped him across the face for representing a journalist who had filed a battery of cases against her.

Gitobu has a different version of the much reported incident. He says former President Kibaki had invited leaders from small parties to State House in 2007 to discuss politics. He was with Chama Cha Mwananchi (CCM). When he got to the gate, he was stopped by security.

“They said they had to consult whether I should be in the meeting. They allowed me in after a while,” he says.

Before he could settle in, he heard a shrill scream followed by a thumping of feet. He says she was yelling:“Why is he here? Who allowed him into my house?”He did not know it was about him.

Someone beckoned him and when he stepped out, he came face-to-face with a livid Lucy, dressed in her night gown, literally breathing fire.

“She started raining blows at me. She grabbed my shirt and called me names. I tried disengaging but she held on. I slapped her hard and she fell hard on the floor,” he says.

What followed, he says, was intense silence from people at the meeting, with Lucy’s screams and frantic struggles to break loose from the security team whisking her away. He walked out in a daze without glancing behind.

“I thought someone would grab me and lock me up. They let me drive out and I sighed with relief,” he says.

Paul Muite, a lawyer, recalls Gitobu calling him almost immediately to confess that he had hit the First Lady. He says Gitobu said he had felt attacked and was acting in self-defense.

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