We Are Ready To Set A Full Blown War With Ruto In Rift Valley, Nick Salat

    Senator Gideon Moi and Nick Salat.

    KANU has vowed it will do everything in its power to topple DP William Ruto from Rift Valley politics and ensure his ambition of being president in 2022 is a pipe dream.KANU Secretary General Nick Salat says Rift Valley is tired of Ruto’s leadership.

    ”We are very ready to set a full blown war with William Ruto in Rift Valley region.We will battle him in all corners, East and West, North and South, on air, on land and in the sea.We have had enough of his leadership and it’s time to say enough is enough!” said Nick Salat in a Facebook post.

    Salat who was appointed to be the chair of Postal Corporation of Kenya is emboldened by the fact that KANU and a number of  key political players outside KANU are also against DP Ruto’s kind of leadership.

    During the burial of Moi’s son, Jonathan last week,there were coded messages to DP Ruto who was in attendance on the impending political war, a pointer to how the anti Ruto forces are grouping each day.

    KANU Party Leader who is also the  Baringo Senator, Gideon Moi do not see eye to eye with DP Ruto and their rivalry threatens consolidating the Rift Valley vote in 2022.Where as DP Ruto is adamant the younger Moi should dissolve KANU and support his bid in 2022,Gideon says any decisions to support any presidential candidate must be of benefit to all Kenyans and not just an individual.

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