How Drug Cartel with Links to Uhuru’s PA and Nephew Assaulted University Student

    Detectives have arrested a former Makadara MP aspirant and his accomplices who were caught on tape assaulting a university student.

    Kevin Mango, a varsity student was lured into a house along Kirichwa Road by a well-known drug (cocaine and heroin) and shisha dealing cartel and beaten for 13 hours.

    The aspirant identified as Robert Omwenga Momanyi called Mango the victim at 4 pm by  to “go for a drink at Stano’s place” along Kirichwa Road, where he was assaulted by seven men before he escaped at around 5 am.

    Stanley ‘Stano’ Rimbere was in the company of the others who took turns in assaulting Kevin Lloyd Mango until his escape. The 7 used batons, whips, sticks, utensils and other weapons to assault the helpless university student until the wee hours of the next morning.

    The seven who participated in the assault are; Innocent Samba, Collins Orina, Ben Mugha, Jay Staxx, Collins Orina, Mirftat Musa and Steven Barisa.

    The gang claimed that Mango snitched on them that they are fagots and were dealing in fake currencies.

    The assault began immediately Lloyd arrived. He was attacked by two men with a frying pan and whip. Shortly after, they were joined by a third guy who used a frying pan to hit him on his head. The whip was mostly used on his stomach and back.

    As the assault “party” continued, three more members of the gang joined them. They dragged him out of the house and also started attacking him severely using a variety of whips, metal rods, and any hard object while he slipped in and out consciousness.

    It is after passing out that they left him to plan for the next phase of the attack. Lloyd woke up minutes later and saw a chance to escape. He ran from Kirichwa Road to Ole Dume Road.

    Sources privy to the details indicate that Mango reported the matter at Kilimani Police Station under OB75/02/05/19 but police officers have been instructed by sources close to State House to write that he was assaulted after stealing a phone from the gang.

    The gang mostly deals in fake gold, sheesha, cocaine and fake currencies (mostly US dollars) with sources intimating that that the men mostly hang around President Uhuru Kenyatta’s personal assistant and nephew Jomo Gecaga who is a key associate.

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