Winnie Odinga Reveals The Odinga’s Maybe Starting A New Life Away From Nairobi

    Winnie Odinga./COURTESY

    Raila Odinga’s last born daughter has revealed the Odinga’s are off to the village and has hinted at starting a new life in their father’s  Opoda  farm in Bondo..The family will be at their father’s home, Kang’o Ka Raila, breaking away from the city life they have been in,  since their childhood.Ida Odinga relocated to the family’s farm in Bondo where she has been staying for quite sometime now.

    “After two days of intense suffering in Nairobi traffic apocalypse we are off to the village for some quiet time with our mother Ida,” Winnie Odinga said in a tweet.

    According to the younger Odinga’s tweet, the family has not been living in their Karen home and it can be deduced that they only visit Nairobi occasionally while spending most of their time together as a family in Bondo.

    Winnie is travelling with her eldest sister Rosemary and it is not clear whether their brother Raila Junior will be joining the rest of the family in  Opoda. Ms Odinga has been frequently spotted with his father Raila in most public functions as well as a number of foreign trips in which she is always a part of her father’s delegation. The same can also be said of Rosemary who also is by her father in a number of public functions.

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