Ruto Disowns Waititu, Now Wants Kabogo As Kiambu Point Man

    DP William Ruto and former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo./COURTESY

    After using him to advance his Tanga Tanga agenda in Kiambu county, and the larger Mt Kenya region, DP Ruto has dumped embattled Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu like a hot potato  and  now  wants  William Kabogo as his replacement.This decision has been informed by the fact that Waititu does not have the much needed political grit,integrity, wisdom and experience to help put up a spirited Tanga Tanga campaign in the region.

    DP Ruto has been advised by his handlers that Waititu comes out as a joker in the political arena and  also does much damage to the already tainted Ruto’s image, because of his scandals and most recently, looting of Kiambu County Government funds.

    William Kabogo and Ferdinand Waititu have been arch political rivals after Governor Waititu relocated his political base from Nairobi to Kiambu. However, Kabogo’s solid political networks,experience as well as formidable financial war chest has appealed to William Ruto, who is keen on having a strong team from Mt Kenya region.

    The much publicized scrutiny of Kiambu county government financial records have only added salt to the injury.Sensing being dumped by the DP,Governor Waititu is now shifting goal posts and passing blames to his predecessor over the outrageous looting of Kiambu county, saying the funds were lost during Kabogo’s tenure.

    ”This budget is for 2017/18 done by the previous government and was meant to portray my government in bad light.We were elected in August 2017. We started using this budget in November 2017. It is not us who did this budget, it was for the previous government by governor Kabogo,” Waititu said during an interview at KTN.

    “This may be a system-generated document. Anything could have happened. It could be a mistake or someone may have put it in our documents to portray our county as being irresponsible,” he said.

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