New Police Boss Vows to Ban Unnecessary Road Blocks Used to Mint Money From Kenyans

Police boss Hillary Mutyambai has proposed radical measures to curb the wanton corruption in the service and end drug trade.

Mr Mutyambai wants police roadblocks reduced by half and police stations at ward level put under one command instead of the current set-up where every officer in charge of a section works autonomously.

The new Inspector General (IG), who is just three weeks old on the job said he would not sit in the office and watch things happen out there.

“I have looked at areas where I can do a quick fix. One, the number of roadblocks are so many, which we don’t require. I shall cut them by half.

There will be no roadblock unless it is approved by the IG. And I must be convinced that the roadblock is serving the purpose. This will cut corruption by a big margin and you will soon feel it, ” he said.

He also wants to create an automated Occurrence Book and improve service delivery by realigning stations and police bases under one leadership.

“Right now, we have about four units in one station and nobody can account for what the other is doing because everyone enjoys autonomy. I will go down as the man who implemented the structure at the station level.”

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