Governor Waititu, Ruto’s Point Man And Possible Tanga Tanga Running Mate Caught In Major Audit Queries

    Governor Waititu and DP Ruto.

    Everyone close to DP William Ruto is either corrupt or has major integrity issues. Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu was today before the Senate to answer audit queries on how he has been using funds allocated to the county.Turns out Waititu is money thirsty like his aide Ruto, runs Kiambu county like a village kiosk and cannot explain where close to 4B shillings have disappeared to!

    The Senate Public Accounts Committee has revealed Governor Ferdinand Waititu allocated a mind-blowing Sh 973 million to State House Affairs (Co-ordination of State House functions). Another  non existing expenditure was on the administration of statutory benefits for retired presidents at a cost of Sh 180 million and state corporation advisory service at a cost of Sh 591 million.The most puzzling expenditure cited in the report cited was that Kiambu County Government allocated Sh 58 million to peace-keeping in South Sudan.

    “If you go further…you will find that County Government of Kiambu has a budget line of Kenya-South Sudan advisory services at Sh 58,108,000.””And when you go further under Education, Gender, Culture and Social Services, Kiambu County Government had a budget line for Free Primary Education at Sh 804 million,” revealed Senator Moses Kajwang,who heads the Senate PAC.

    However, in his fashion ignorance, Waititu said the figures are also new to him and he has not been aware the huge chunks of money and allocations were made on non existing initiatives.

    “What I have seen is also new to me. I think it is a misuse of the National Government template because nobody could have assumed that we have such figures in our county. Because we don’t have a budget for those things and therefore there is no expense at all,” Waititu replied.

    Another shocker during the audit querying was Kiambu Government allocating a whooping Sh 793 million shillings for free primary education, a programme that is not only financed by the government but also it does not fall under the jurisdiction of county governments.

    “How will this committee establish how this Sh 793 million purportedly paid for free primary education was spent. Where did it go to? How can we confirm that because what we have has been certified and signed by your CEC?” asked Kajwang.



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