Why Kalenjin Council of Elders Failed In Their Attempts To Reconcile Gideon and Ruto

    Ruto and Gideon when they met at Jonathan Moi's funeral service in Kabarak on Saturday./COURTESY

    There have been consistent efforts by the Kalenjin Council of Elders for the past one year to reconcile two political arch rivals from the Rift Valley, attempts which have spectacularly failed.Gideon Moi and William Ruto do not see eye to eye, and the public display of mutual respect during Jonathan Moi, Gideon’s brother burial was only for a brief moment.Things have returned to their normal state of bitter rivalry.

    Efforts to have  Gideon and Ruto come to a truce have flopped as a result of humongous ego from both sides as well as radical uncompromising stance the two leaders have taken.Franklin Bett,a former MP and a mutual close associate between the two has been part of the talks and he admits they have failed.

    ”There is nothing personal against the DP for Gideon Moi.For Ruto it’s either his way or the highway.Gideon has always insisted that all actions and decisions he is making politically must be of benefit of all Kenyans and not just an individual or select few,” said one of the people involved in the talks.

    Ruto on the other hand insists Gideon Moi must drop all his political ambitions and support him,both as the supreme leader of the Kalenjin Community and also as a presidential candidate in 2022.Something that Gideon has refused over and over again to submit to.

    ”For Ruto, it is either you are him or against him.He is such an intimidating figure.He wants things done his way,or else it is the highways.He does not allow his rivals to have their way.He is ruthless and uncompromising.”

    The other impediment to the success of these talks has been high levels of mistrust between the two leaders with each side suspecting the other of ulterior motives.Also Ruto’s stand against Gideon’s attempts to run in 2022 is an impediment.

    ”’The Moi side believes that Ruto has become unsalable because of corruption allegations. Ruto’s side believes Gideon is only hell-bent on derailing their man’s State House bid,” said the source.

    Myoot,the other name of Kalenjin Council of Elders has said they have given up on trying to have the two leaders work together and now it is upon them to decide on what to do.


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