Don’t EAT at My Funeral Or Bury Me in A Coffin- Masinde Muliro University Comrade Chilling Suicide Letter

Police are investigating the authenticity of a suicide letter allegedly written by a Masinde Muliro university student moments before suicide.

Well, no one knows if he actually did it. However, two-page letter allegedly written by the student is addressed to parents and peers.

The author said nobody was willing to help him deal with his many problems.

“It is with deep sorrow that I have decided to do what I want to do. It has been a long tireless struggle with no help from people. Since I joined this institution, no one has seen the importance of helping me,” reads the letter in part.

He bemoans how he has become a burden to people to a point that nobody answers his calls.

“I have now seen it important to commit suicide and leave you in peace. I know such a decision will be painful to people, but all in all don’t worry because you never cared for me,” says the distraught author.

In the letter he gives his family stern rules to adhere to during his burial.

“Don’t bury me in a coffin, just put me directly in the soil. If you never afforded to give me food, don’t also afford to buy a coffin,” he said.

“Don’t eat expensive meals.”

He directs his remains to be taken to church for a memorial service and that the convoy to his burial site not have more than three cars.

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