Was it Post-Traumatic Stress? How KDF Soldier Who Returned From Somali 2 Days Ago Killed Family, Self

The Kenya Defence Forces soldier who fired 30 bullets into his step-mother’s body shortly after overpowering his girlfriend had returned from Somalia two days ago.

The 32-year-old KDF man, Haron Tiony, first shot dead his girlfriend, an army officer, and then stormed into his step-mum’s house and shot her dead.

Tiony returned from a peace-keeping mission in Somalia two days ago and according to neighbors, he drank alcohol Monday night through early Tuesday before going home, where he woke up his girlfriend and asked her to accompany him to his step-mother’s house.

The two – Tiony and his girlfriend – went to Tiony’s step-mum’s house, but upon knocking, the middle-aged woman declined to open the door.

Tiony, thereafter, went berserk and started firing bullets randomly into the air.

His girlfriend tried to restrain him, but he overpowered her and, thereafter, shot her dead.

Tiony then broke down the door of his step-mum’s house, confronted her before pumping at least 30 bullets into her body, killing her on the spot.

Tiony, thereafter, went and knocked on the door of his uncle’s house. He then fatally shot the old man in the head as he opened the door.

Upon killing his uncle, he turned the gun on himself and fatally fired a bullet into his head.

Eldoret West OCPD, Zacharia Bitok, confirmed the incident. The four bodies were taken to an Eldoret hospital morgue.

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