Uhuru Rejects Ruto Man, Appoints Gideon Moi’s Aide Nick Salat As Postal Corporation Head

    Nick Salat and Senator Gideon Moi./COURTESY

    President Uhuru Kenyatta is making unprecedented moves which have left friends and foes guessing the fate of his relationship with DP William Ruto, which has grown frosty in the last couple of months.His latest strike against William Ruto is appointing Nick Salat,the KANU Secretary General and a close aide to Senator Gideon Moi, to head the Postal Corporation of Kenya as its Chairperson.

    Nick Salat is very close to the both the Moi family and the Kenyattas,something which was witnessed during Jonathan Moi’s funeral ceremony where he was the official master of ceremony.This appointment to head the lucrative parastatal is a bonus not only to Gideon Moi but also to KANU party as it shows how much the independence outfit has gained a foot hold and resurrected after the humiliating defeat of 2002.

    President Uhuru is said to be preparing ground for Senator Gideon Moi to gain a foothold in the national politics, something which is viewed as paying the debt he owed President Moi,when he declared him KANU’s presidential candidate in 2002,despite having loyal and dedicated leaders around him.

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