Referendum a Chinese Tool to Colonize Kenya

    What makes Kenyans think that any alliance of these two administrations can be straightforward about anything? [Image: K.R. Archives with credits]

    President Uhuru Kenyatta will preserve the seat of the president for the next Kikuyu president of Kenya.

    Many times this year, president Kenyatta has appeared on live TV, jokingly yet solemnly, declaring that he has not yet decided whether he will vie again or not. A team of law experts led by the Grand Mullah Ahmednassir Abdullahi lamented (on twitter), sometime this year, that a group of constitutional lawyers from both sides of the handshake were drafting a new constitution. This new constitution is on the surface said to prepare the way for the referendum. The law experts, however, claim that the new constitution is meant to make the handshake partners eternal leaders of Kenya.

    The referendum that has thus far been sang to us by these pro-handshake politicians is envisioned to create an office for a prime minister. This office is already reserved for someone specific. The aim of this reserved seat is to keep the person off from the office of the president. By now, Kenyans should understand that the presidency belongs to only one community.

    That office (of president) is a royal throne that the first president of the republic left for his community. One even wonders if– in their post-independence power-sharing agreement– Jomo Kenyatta had promised Jaramogi Oginga Odinga (Kenya’s first prime minister) the office of prime minister for him and his descendants as he (Kenyatta) awarded himself presidency. Just think, why do the cabal always give the post of prime minister to his son (Oginga’s) everytime he takes his protests “too far?”

    Now, the Kikuyu community does not have an heir to the throne. Moses Kuria is weak and cannot even steal elections. No one can actually vote Anne Waiguru as their president. William Kabogo went ahead of his time when he started war with William Ruto. He dimmed his political star when he went ahead to demean president Kenyatta, too.

    In fact, William Ruto removed Kabogo from the gubanatorial post to kill his (Kabogo’s) political ambitions. It is so saddning that an elite like Kaboko could not have seen all these. He went furthur ahead and displayed legendary arrogance to the only people who could have saved him from the fierce Ruto– the electorate. Remember “line kama matiti za mbwa?” See what replaced him? Ferdinand Waititu– a man no one in their right minds can vote even in their dreams!

    Recently, both President Kenyatta and Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga went to China. Kenya currently owes China the Mombasa port and trillions of shilliings. Because of these debts, the Chinese Communist government is now dictating how Kenya should be ruled. It is even instructing the Kenyan governmnet about the color of Kenya Police uniform!

    The ongoing calls for a refrendum are meant to accommodate new China demands. These demands (could) include the establismenet of the office of prime minister and one supreme leader. These two will work together to censor Kenyans so that they don’t fight against the Chinese government when it starts to auction Kenya.

    It is sad that Kenyans just don’t see this yet.

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