Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu Exposes Latest Scheme By Tanga Tanga MPs To Cripple President Uhuru

    Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu./COURTESY

    Fire begets fire.After a series of state intimidation and public rebuke by President Uhuru against their political activities,Tanga Tanga has hatched an elaborate plot to hit the president where it hurts the most ;incapacitating him  in parliament and blocking all bills meant to be the framework to achieving Big Four fail.

    Nyeri Town  MP has said this plan by rebel MPs in Jubilee has been hatched after it became apparent that powerful people in State House were behind the aborted Muranga rally,where Tanga Tanga leaders were expected to publicly denounce President Uhuru and his pact with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

    ”We have Rebel Mps,within Mt Kenya in Jubilee Party.They have decided that our Party Leader Uhuru Kenyatta is no longer relevant in Kenyan politics,” said the Nyeri MP in a facebook post.

    He also claims Tanga Tanga MPs have auctioned the Mt Kenya vote for handouts and monetary gains from DP William Ruto,in order to feed themselves as well as their families.

    ”They have then decided to auction our 6M plus votes for themselves and their families,and post 2022 government they expect to come.They had even planned a major political  rally in Murang’a,to declare their ‘Leader’ it failed,” added the MP who is an ardent defender of President Uhuru,and a member of the opposite camp,Kieleweke.

    He then exposed the latest scheme after failed political rally,a scheme to cripple President Uhuru in Parliament.

    ”They now plan to fight every proposal and government policy that  President Kenyatta brings to parliament,and try make him a lame duck president.”

    The MP has however warned the architects of this plan,saying like other instances to bring President Uhuru down,even this one will fail.

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