Video Surfaces On-line of Sonko Buying a Sh4Million Neck-piece For His Wife

Video clips of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko buying a Versace neck piece for Ksh4.3 million have surfaced on-line.

The video shows of the governor in a United Arab Emirates jewelery store show Sonko picking a neck-piece made up of a Versace pendant and gold chain.

He, thereafter, takes a picture of the neck-piece and says he was buying it for his wife, [Primrose Mbuvi]

While in the store, Sonko is heard telling the seller: “I want big chains ingrained with diamond. Big chains are good.”

After expressing interest in the Versace neck-piece, the attendant tells the governor: “Have a seat as we calculate the price.”

Sonko, shortly thereafter, is heard telling one of his aides: “Kuja usikie beire hapa Makere… [Come and hear what the total price would be, Makere”

“The [Versace] pendant is 98, 200 Dirham (Ksh2.7 million) and the chain is 56, 000 Dirham (Ksh1.5 million). The total [for the neckpiece] would be 154, 200 (Ksh4.3 million),” said the store attendant.

“I am a fan of gold and Versace,” Sonko then says before asking his assistants to convert the price — 98, 200 UAE Dirham — to Kenyan shillings.

“You haven’t bought from us before. The neckpiece you have just purchased from our store is very unique, you won’t find a similar piece of art in any other store,” the seller told the governor.

The videos end by showing Sonko counting the supposed payment over the counter.

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