Stabbed Pwani University Girl out of Danger, Reveals Why Baby Daddy Attacked Her

Naomi Chepkemboi, the Pwani University student stabbed severally by baby daddy identified as Nicholas Koech, has disclosed what irked him that led to the fateful event.

Speaking for the first time since the Sunday attack, Chepkemboi revealed that she dumped the Kenyatta University boyfriend because he was irresponsible.

“When I told him that I have moved on, he couldn’t believe it. I ended my relationship with him because he wasn’t a responsible man,” Chepkemboi told a local media.

She claims the fellow student did not care for their daughter who is now four months old.

“His parents helped me and the baby for only two months. [After much thought], I saw it unwise to stick with him yet he wasn’t looking after his child. He was the type of a man who would forcefully take my money, when he found me in possession of some cash,” she added.

Reports indicate Koech was irked that Chepkemboi after she returned Sh3,200 he sent for child support. And what infuriated him more was that his ‘in-laws’ had refused to let him see his child.

He is said to have traveled to Mombasa from Nairobi to demand for an explanation. He allegedly traveled with three knives hidden in his bag and which he used to stab the mother of his daughter.

He left the third-year Bachelor of Science in Public Health student with serious injuries on her chest and neck during the attack.

Koech was arraigned in court on Monday.

The suspect said that he was angered by Chepkemboi’s family barring him from taking care of his child.

“Naomi is my wife and I love her very much. We started dating back in 2016 while she was a first year,” he said.

The court directed Koech to be detained for eight days as investigations continue.

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