REVEALED! How Ivy Wangeci’s Best Friend Set Her Up to be Murdered!

As the body of the brutally slain Moi University Medical student is said to be set for its final resting place later this week- more damning reports continue to surface.

Details have emerged that 28 year old Naftali Kinuthia did not travel from Nairobi to Eldoret with the express intention of killing his lover of seven years and that were it not for information he got from Ivy’s unnamed best friend- probably she could be alive and he would not be facing a lifetime in jail in his youth.

Detectives have revealed that Ivy-25 and Kinuthia had been dating for seven years but after the fifth year, Kinuthia suspected something was amiss.


Kinuthia as he was arraigned today

Phone data retrieved from Kinuthia’s phone revealed a conversation of a planned visit to Eldoret where the employee of a betting company was set to meet his sweetheart.

On arrival on Friday, Kinuthia met Ivy who showed up with her best friend. He then tactfully took this friend’s number and stated engaging her about Wangeci. Kinuthia then traveled back to Thika and Ivy requested Sh14k for her birthday.

This- he sent.

(Story in the video below)

On Sunday, Wangeci sent another request for another 10k and Kinuthia again- sent the money.

On Monday,  a day before her brutal murder and two days to her birthday, she requested for yet again 10k , but Kinuthia asked her to be patient and that he would come on Tuesday and bring the money.

Wangeci was however not pleased in her response. Unknown to her, Kinuthia was all this while gathering Intel from Wangeci’s best friend.

On the fateful day, Kinuthia arrived early in Eldoret and the three had a cup of tea before Wangeci left for her hospital rounds in the wards. Kinuthia gave her the money. They were to meet later.

According to his testimony,what angered him most is that she switched off her phone and blocked him from her social media pages.

Bitter and rejected, Kinuthia went and bought an Axe and a knife and took them for sharpening. As the weapons were being sharpened, he kept track of Wangeci through her bff.

When he descended on her in his moment of rage, she was with this said friend who is now a guest of the State as a key witness.

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