What Does She Have That We Don’t? Female Staff at DP Ruto’s Annex Offices Raise Storm over Favored Secretary

Female staff at Deputy President’s Harambee House Annex christened Annex B are not amused and they are no longer keeping calm.

The fairer sex known to raise storms even in teacups are threatening to burn down the building- of course not literally if you get the drift- and the course of their chagrin? A favored secretary.

The woman is a secretary to one of Deputy President William Ruto’s aides.

The woman is ever present in the Deputy President’s foreign trips. In fact, she is said to have become a permanent feature even on trips by Ruto’s wife Rachel Ruto. Surprisingly, even the DP’s own secretaries do not attend these foreign trips.

According to Star’s Corridors of power, questions are now being asked on what basis are the trips being dished out? Is there favoritism? This is because; sometimes even staff with technical know-how are left behind.

Some women insiders were heard asking what does the lady have that they don’t?

But it is not the first time the DP’s men are facing scandals involving women.

His top aide was sometimes ago accused of luring a married woman and wrecking her marriage.

Eldoret-based businessman, Timothy Murey, claims that Farouk Kibet lured his legally married wife Shailine Chepngetich after a Jubilee rally in Bungoma.

Murey claims that Farouk had been giving promises to the wife, including plans to secure her a job at one of Kenya’s embassies to “liberate her from the poor man’s arms.”

“My wife is a casual employee at a university. Not long ago, she told me that a close female friend known to connect politicians with women introduced her to Farouk so that he could use his connections to get her permanently employed,” explains Murey.

Murey says he was initially happy but became suspicious when she started showing him steamy text conversations with him, including plans to meet and even secure her a job at one of the embassies. That’s when he decided to test her to establish if she could be swayed by Farouk’s position and clout.

On the material, Murey claims he was tipped off by someone who picked the wife from Eldoret to meet Farouk at a Jubilee rally in Bungoma.

“When I called her, she didn’t deny that she was going to meet him (Farouk) so that he could help her secure a job. Later, I learnt that they met at a lodging in town,” alleges Murey, recalling that his wife “returned home around 11am and even told me she was given Sh10,000 afterwards. But my heart was already in pieces, imagining what was happening behind my back.”

Interestingly, Murey and Farouk know each other.

In one of the alleged text and WhatsApp conversations, Murey’s wife and Farouk appear to be exchanging sweet nothings like couples on the cusp of young love.

A screenshot of the woman’s mobile phone captures conversation with a person alleged to be Farouk.

One of the messages has a photo taken from behind Jubilee leaders at a rally. Murey explains that, “When I called Farouk using my wife’s phone having found out their relationship had already gone too far, the first thing he (Farouk) said was “Iamune kwao ndaynun ,” which translates to, “How are you my wife?” in the Kalenjin dialect.

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