Daughter of Powerful Politician, Two Magistrates Selling Babies for Organ Harvesting in Europe

    A multi-billion child trafficking syndicate that has roped in deep tentacles in State organs has been busted by police.

    The cartel includes two magistrates and a lawyer working to expedite the adoption of the children – the National Police Service and Immigration department where officers are paid to facilitate the illegal trade.

    But at the center of it all is  a daughter of  a former powerful Nairobi politician and her husband who are involved in trafficking Kenyan children to Eastern Europe for suspected organ harvesting and use as guinea pigs.

    In the investigation that has taken months to piece together crucial evidence, the police, who are at the tail end of the delicate and sensitive probe, will as soon as early this week pounce on the culprits —  the politician’s daughter and her husband, two magistrates, two police officers, an Immigration officer and owner of  a children’s home in Nairobi.

    The syndicate is paid between Sh10 million and Sh15 million for every child taken to Europe as a guinea pig for medical experiments, according to reports in the People Daily

    Kenya has often been pointed as one of the key origin and transit centers of the lucrative global criminal syndicate with children from poor homes being the major victims. They are trafficked  to European nations where they are used for medical experiments while some land in the hands of unscrupulous and vicious cartels who harvest their organs for sale in the black market.

    According to a police source, the woman and her husband, a foreigner, abduct children from poor families and take them to the children’s homes and thereafter they are shipped to court where the magistrate expedite “adoption” cases. And once the court process is complete, the Immigration official takes over and provides the necessary travel documents to enable the cartels to fly the children out of the country. 

    “The magistrate, lawyer and some officials from the children’s office are working in cahoots to ensure that children are taken through the adoption process in record time so that they can be taken to foreign countries,” said the source.

    According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss George Kinoti, the police probe is almost complete and they will soon bring the culprits to book.

    “Yes, it is true we have unearthed the syndicate and we are moving fast to eradicate it. Kenya has already put in place a moratorium to stop the adoption of children by foreigners and this is one of the ways we hope to get rid of this illegal trade,” he said.

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