Jubilee and NASA plan Deputy President William Ruto’s “disappearance” before 2022, Atwoli hints!

Atwoli is no prophet; he speaks for the establishment. [image: courtesy]

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli revealed that Kenya’s political dynasties are planning Deputy President William Ruto’s “disappearance” before 2022.

Atwoli claimed that God revealed Ruto’s sudden disappearance from Kenya’s political arena to him. The only problem is that Atwoli is no prophet!

There is no evidence whatsoever connecting Francis Atwoli to the murder of George Muchai. However, before Muchai was murdered, he had threatened the entire leadership of COTU, of which Atwoli was the head.

It is always said that Kenya belongs to the rich who walk away with even the most heinous of all crimes. Well, Atwoli might have not been involved in the gruesome murder of Muchai but he is too rich!

As such, deputy president William Ruto must now stay vigilant and not take Atwoli’s words lightly.

Atwoli’s remarks are dangerous and can easily start a war in this country and must be rebuked by  both Jubilee and NASA establishment.

Ruto’s followership is big and cannot be underestimated. His influence is too dangerous and cannot just be downplayed by a mere fact that he does not come from a political dynasty.

The coming referendum will be an additional burden on the shoulders of taxpayers. By changing the constitution, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga will be creating additional slots of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister as well as their subordinate staffs, all of whom shall be paid by Kenyans.

It is so unfortunate that Kenyans always embrace political manipulation. Every time a politician wants some change in this country, they ask Kenyans to foot the bill with their blood or hard-earned cash.

If D.P. Ruto is corrupt, why not arrest and charge him in court? President Kenyatta cannot dare do that because he, too, is a part of a criminal enterprise that the Jubilee Party is. If anyone stole the elections in favor of the Jubilee administration in 2017, then they did not do so for Ruto alone.

Sometime back, controversial Rift Valley politician Oscar Sudi came out and beat the drums of war. He was called names, rebuked, and his remarks used to brand William Ruto “blood thirsty”. What Francis Atwoli is doing on behalf of the establishment is not different!

Wear your safety belts!

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