Sakaja to Uhuru: You Know The Thieves in Your Government, Sack Them Don’t Consult Us

    Senator Johnson Sakaja./COURTESY

    Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has hit out at President Uhuru over is inability to crack the whip on corrupt officials in his government.He has told  the head of state he does not need an approval from any Kenyan to fire members of his cabinet adversely mentioned in corruption.

    “Mr President, you have intelligence, you know someone should not serve in your government, you know for sure they are stealing and the thieves you know them just fire them,”  he said.

    Sakaja has told the president he does not have to consult anyone when cracking the whip on corrupt officials,just the same way he never consulted anyone when he appointed them to the cabinet.

    “When you appointed them no one asked us, so in the same way get rid of them, Kenyans are suffering [in] this country, Kenyans are feeling their own lack of personal opportunities is because of the of corrupt few… fire them,” he said.

    Speaking on the floor of the Senate,the legislator said the current war on corruption does not target any individual or community like a section  of politicians  have been saying.He told President to use a different approach which will bear a different result.

    ”Don’t do it, Mr. President, you cannot do the same thing the same way and expect different results.”

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