22 Year old Becomes Face of Sudan Revolution While Kenyan Females are Waiting For Freebies

At only 22, Alaa Salah has become an on-line sensation and has been tagged as the face of Sudan revolution.

When she climbed atop a car earlier this week during a mass sit-in in Sudan, she thought she was just aiming to arouse a crowd already intent on forcing the nation’s President to step down.

But the Engineering and Architecture student at Sudan International University has portrayed how women played a central role in the Sudan protests.

“I wanted to get (on the car) and speak to the people … speak against racism and tribalism in all its forms, which affects everyone across all walks of life,I wanted to speak on behalf of the youth. … I wanted to come out and say that Sudan is for all,” she added.

Days later, her message has come to symbolize Sudan’s protests — and the prominent role Sudanese women are playing in it — thanks to a photo of Salah, clad in a white robe and gold moon earrings, that’s gone viral.

“Every time people responded with ‘Thawra’ (‘Revolution’), I would get more excited,” Salah said. “We need international support, for people to be aware of what’s happening and to understand our demands.”

While women including students in Sudan were at the forefront of a revolution that has brought down a despot, Kenyan middle and upper class women have managed to hog the opportunities for the less privileged women.

While the hoi polloi are laborsaving under the heavy weight of Chinese debt, they are scrambling for the two thirds gender bill. It would be preposterous  that the powers that be would prioritize creating jobs for 40 to 70 middle class women.

Majority of them will invariably come from the pool of spouses, girlfriends, nieces and political allies of the owners of the national political parties and their cronies- ever wished to see a modern day feudalism as it were in medieval Europe? Look no further.

Many leaders and Kenyans bear the same thought.

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa averred:

“I support women to be in leadership, but we must get women of substance and people who will add value in our society. This Bill however leaves the decision on who will be nominated with few individuals who might be biased and end up bringing their girlfriends to Parliament.”

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