My Son Had No Temper Issues, says mother of Ivy Wangeci Killer

Ivy Wangeci,the slain medical student./COURTESY

As the country still come to terms with the chilling execution of Moi University School of Medicine Ivy Wangeci,the mother of her killer has come out to talk about her son,whom she describes as harmless and was calm with no temper problems.

Mrs Naphtali Njambi Kinuthia says she was shocked at the actions of her son and never in a thousand years did  she imagine her child would go to that extent of murdering someone in cold blood.Ivy Wangechi was sixth year student of medicine and was waiting for her graduation later this year.

Mrs Kinuthia said she was aware her son was dating Ivy for sometime now,but was not aware of any issues in their relationship or if they had broken up.She was with her son less than a month ago,she recalls and says she had seen pictures of the two together and they seemed happy.

”Iam not aware if they had broken up.There were no signs of issues in their relationship.My son seemed okay and didnt show any red flags.My son doesn’t have temper problems,I cannot believe this just happened,” she said.

Ivy and her killer Naphtali Kinuthia are said to have spent days together in Thika before she was murdered by the man.Her murder was gruesome and carried out in the most outrageous way that has left members of the public shocked and angry at how inhumane someone can be.Naphtali Kinuthia is said to have traveled to Eldoret with crude weapons including a machete and an axe,which he hid inside a gunny bag.

He would then head to MTRH and call Ivy,who had no idea of what awaited her.Naphtali would then take out an axe from the gunny bag and hit her severally on the head with before using the machete to slit her throat open.After this broad daylight execution,Naphtali attempted to flee but was caught by members of the public who were baying for his blood before the police came in time to rescue him.

He is currently admitted at a Eldoret hospital where he is recuperating from injuries sustained when the public descended on him.



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