Mike Sonko Unclogs Drainage Systems in Nairobi County Ahead of the Rains

    Nairobi County is never a beautiful sight during rainy periods. Clogged drainage systems which lead to over flooding in most parts of the county has been an issue that Nairobians constantly raise. Rainy season in Nairobi is usually dreaded by most people who have to pay double the bus fare to get to work, home, school.

    In a bid to counter the disastrous harm the rains usually cause to the central business district and other parts of the county, Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has embarked on a cleanup exercise that will ensure that most drainage systems are fixed to ensure easy flow of water during heavy rains.

    “In anticipation of the long rains expected in Nairobi, my admin has started unclogging the drainage system in all the 17 Sub-Counties. Additionally, this Saturday I’ll lead the Nairobi monthly clean-up exercise that will take place in all the 85 Wards”.- @MikeSonko

    Sonko has called for the collective participation of all Nairobi residents in the exercise and is expected to lead the clean-up exercise.

    “I’m urging Nairobians to turn out in large numbers for today’s monthly clean-up exercise that’s taking place in all the 85 Wards. Our main focus today is to unclog the drainage system ahead of the long rains.”

    People from different parts of the city have been on different sites getting their hands dirty since Saturday morning.




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