Flamboyant Lawyer Donald B Kipkorir’s secret slay queen demands 100M Shillings, and a 5.1 M Prado for their 6 year old son

    Lawyer Donald Kipkorir./COURTESY

    A woman named Eva Wangui Wachira is demanding 100M shillings from flamboyant lawyer Donald B Kipkorir saying he has abandoned their 6 year old son,whom they had in 2013.In an affidavit presented before the children’s court in Nairobi,Ms Wangui’s demands include Sh17.5 million in annual child support and a further Sh10 million for the baby’s health insurance plus a Sh 5.1 million Prado.

    The Don,as lawyer Kipkorir is famously known met with the slay queen who was a student at University of Nairobi at that time  in 2011 through social media.They would then get into a secret relationship which bore them a son two years later.

    ”“Sometime in 2011, while a student at University of Nairobi, I met Kipkorir through social platform commonly known as Facebook. In or around 2013, he asked me for dinner which I agreed to go and we subsequently dated for some time,”says Eva in her affidavit.

    She continues,“During that relationship, he would invite me to his residence where I would spend the weekend with him and sometimes we would go to hotels. He would take me to holidays within and out of the country which would cost more than Sh300,000.”

    However,when she became pregnant,Donald Kipkorir asked her to terminate the pregnancy,something she refused to do prompting the lawyer to block her calls and cut off communications with her.

    The lawyer has rejected several attempts to have paternity tests to determine if he is truly the child’s father,saying subjecting him to a DNA test would be an invasion to his privacy,making him flatly reject the test.

    The slay queen on the other hand has made outrageous demands claims she’s currently jobless,wants her monthly Sh 300,000 rent paid by the lawyer,given Sh 250,000 for food and a monthly equivalent of the same for shopping.


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