Give us a break Uhuru and Raila are equals, Shebesh to Ruto camp

CAS Youth and Gender Rachel Shebesh./COURTESY

The CAS for Youth and Gender Rachel Shebesh has lashed  at a section of leaders who are opposed to  the unity pact between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta.She has also hit out at those  who are against the war on corruption calling them self serving leaders who have no capacity to lead anyone.

”The unity pact between Raila and Uhuru is good for the country.They are equals.Whoever is against this unity is an enemy to Kenyans.And we support the war on corruption.If you hear someone saying powers of the DCI should be reduced, that person wants your children to join Al Shabaab and die. Simple as that,” she said.

Speaking in Mombasa during a forum, on the role of women leadership in preventing and countering violent extremism, Shebesh said corruption milks the country dry leading to the youth getting impoverished.This in turn makes them  vulnerable to join extremist groups such as Al Shabaab to fend for their families.

”“Once impoverished, our youth and women will be vulnerable and easily lured into joining Al Shabaab and other terror groups,” said the former Nairobi Women Representative.She said plans by MP Ndindi Nyoro to present a bill to parliament aimed at clipping the powers of both the DCI and DPP in war against corruption is ill advised and a political tool to slow down war on corruption.

”It is foolhardy to clip the powers of the DCI and the DPP. Toothless Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Director of Public Prosecutions will mean corrupt government officers will milk the country dry.This is akin to killing a generation,” she said.



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