You Are Mad,Raila Odinga to Ruto allies who want trim DPP and DCI’s powers

Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga./COURTESY

ODM Leader has hit out at plans to present a bill before parliament which seeks to trim powers of the DPP and DCI in the aggressive war on graft currently going on.The bill by Ndindi Nyoro,a confidant of the DP,wants to take away the DPP’s powers to determine the fate of investigations including terminating the same at any stage of the investigations.

While speaking in Likoni,Mombasa county during the launch of Huduma Namba registration,Odinga said Kenya is currently among the most corrupt nations in world according to the Transparency International Index and that war on corruption must be won at any cost.

Raila Odinga registering for the Huduma Namba./COURTESY

”Kenya hii,ugonjwa ambayo inakua mingi sana ambayo imeathiri maendeleo ni ufisadi.Kila mmoja anaangalia tu tumbo yake.Hiyo ugonjwa vile vile tumesema tunataka kumaliza,ili Kenya iendelee mbele.Kenya imekua inacheza kwenye ligi ya zile nchi ambaye kuna ufisadi zaidi katika ulimwengu.”

He said the DCI and the DPP deserve even more powers than they currently have,in order to have them empowered even more to fight corruption.

Raila Odinga speaking during the launch./COURTESY

”We want to remove Kenya from the league of mos corrupt nations.While we want to do this,there is a person doing zero work,an MP,who wants to change the laws to disable those tasked with fighting corruption.Is this MP really normal?Is he really normal?Isnt he mad?” he asked.

Raila said while the government,and Kenyans are fighting hard to eliminate corruption,there are some individuals who are out to clip powers of the DPP and DCI,to hand cuff them making them unable to effectively do their job.


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