Whitecap has a new taste and Kenyans Aren’t Happy about It

Are you a lover of whitecap beer? Just how do you like to drink it , plain ? Or with lemons in it? Well, most people who indulge in the drink prefer to take it as it is served with no additives or anything to chase it  . But there could also be a few weird people out there that add water or soda to their beer, to each their own ?

KOT are not pleased with the new face and taste of the beer, which involves spicing up the drink to make it eyecandy .  The new trend involves adding lemon to the drink and it  has not been received well by people of the interwebs.

The photo below is what is being paraded at a popular restaurant in Lavington.

It has sparked debate over how people drink their beer , with most people who prefer to have it plain. Kenyan Report sampled a few responses from KOT below:

Please tell me that’s not Whitecap Lager umewekea orange slices in your glass.-  

Whitecap has been my beer for over 6 years, not once have I put in my glass and thought oh my god this needs lemon slices. But to each their own I guess.-

The trauma being inflicted on Whitecap, please don’t do the same with Tusker Lite-  

WhiteCap was doing so well when it was being sold in retirement homes.- 

How guys of White Cap are feeling is how I feel when someone puts soda in their whiskey. FOR WHAT PURPOSE?!-  

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