President Kenyatta unfit to continue term, his deputy too corrupt to take over.

    It’s time the president dissolves the government!

    Does the president ever has any stand? Has he not sung war against corruption on repeat with no much action? [Image: courtesy of]

    President Uhuru Kenyatta is unfit to continue his presidency effectively; he should fire his corrupt deputy and resign forthwith!

    President Kenyatta has been silent about the ongoing hunger-induced deaths in Baringo and Turkana Counties. He has also been silent about the mothers who are trapped in public hospitals due to unpaid millions of maternity bills. Both issues are part of the president’s “Big Four” agenda.

    Silence is always an answer, too. In this case, it either means that President Kenyatta no longer cares about the “Big Four” agenda or is incapable of running this country. Considering what we know about the president, the latter rules!

    The “Big Four” agenda includes “Food and Nutrition” as its second pillar. Instead of addressing that while now is the most opportune time to fulfill it, because of the widespread deaths due to hunger, the president has turned into a fire breather! He is all about talks and threats and shows no action or commitment to his words.

    President Kenyatta is sick, at least according to what has been in the mainstream media. He was just recently diagnosed with an unnamed type of cancer (at its earliest stages). But cancer is a hungry monster! Nevertheless, what is factual is that the president must have started treatments to avert his looming health crisis.

    Just a not-so-important question- don’t those treatments for cancer make people even sicker, the stage and type of the disease notwithstanding?

    The “Big Four” agenda also includes “Universal Health Care Coverage for All Kenyans.” Just recently, the First Lady led a shameless charade in the name of “.Beyond Zero Campaign,” an initiative which claims to make maternity services better for all Kenyan mothers.

    The Frist Lady raised millions of shillings from the campaign. Even so, there are still many mothers “kidnapped” in public hospitals due to outrageous maternity bills. The president has not said or done anything about this yet!

    What is First Lady Margaret Kenyatta doing with the millions she raised from this year’s episode of Beyond Zero Campaign?

    President Kenyatta is clearly unfit to run this country effectively. His deputy is too corrupt to take over. Maybe it’s time the president dissolves the government!


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