Fake Perfumes & Colognes Alert

    Counterfeit products are increasingly creating fears within the business community that the illegal products, currently estimated to be controlling 40 per cent of the national economy, could take over in the not-too-distant future.

    Days after detectives nabbed fake Samsung and other smartphones in the streets of Nairobi,  detectives raided Madora at the Karen Shopping mall and nabbed high-end perfumes and colognes with an estimated value of well overseas 1.5M that are believed to be FAKE (allow me to put in caps, we have this battalion that believes anything expensive is not fake). Not to say that those that are sold along the streets are anything holier,

    You would rather smell natural-MWANAUME NI KAJASHO, Even if your knockoff perfume smells just like the real thing, wearing it could put you at risk for various health issues. While the packaging may appear similar, what’s inside that glass bottle of cologne may cause serious damage to your skin.

    Fake perfumes and colognes are sometimes made with urine, which in some cases can lead to a serious skin rash. Other adverse health side effects include acne, psoriasis, rashes, and eye infection.

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