No one is Immune From these Efforts to Rid Kenya of Corruption-DPP Haji

DPP Noordin Haji and Head of DCI George Kinoti.COURTESY

Director of Public Prosecutions Nordin Haji has said they are going after every one who has been involved in corruption regardless of their status and positions of power they hold in the country.

The DPP on Tuesday sounded an alarm to Kenyans on the extent at which public money has been looted calling it as something beyond just corruption and theft.A situation that has literally put the country into its death bed,lifeless as a result of wanton plunder.

”Let me make this clear.No one is immune from these efforts to rid Kenya of corruption,whether you are  in a position of power or you are a member of my own staff.If we have sufficient evidence then we will prosecute you,” he said during a meeting organized by the Kenya Editor’s Guild in collaboration with Transparency International.

”This war on corruption is about everything going on and Kenya being on its death bed if this thing is not curbed.It is beyond theft or corruption,” he added.

The DPP lacked the right terminology to describe what was going on in the country,saying it was Kenyans stealing from their own coffers and that the country needed to come up with new techniques and strategies to eliminate graft.

In a period of  8 months,from April 2018,Haji said,the country  may have lost a total of Ksh. 16.8 billion shillings.

He acknowledged the fight against corruption has been politicized but that will not deter him from nabbing the thieves.


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