Kenya Red Cross Society Exposed For Money Laundering Projects.


The recent hunger has brought out a side of Kenyans that probably has been there but is dominant in us. Kenyans have seen the lying side of the jubilee government that promised voters that no one would ever die of hunger as long as they were in power. March 2019 , people across the country can barely afford three meals a day thanks to joblessness and  those fortunate enough,  have underpaying jobs that barely cover all their needs, others continue to fight for their lives as malnutrition has taken over their communities.

It has been a sad state of affairs and Kenyans have taken it upon themselves to donate to the affected persons in Baringo and Turkana areas. The Kenya Red Cross team even decided to chip in and offered to oversee the distribution of food in the areas after Kenyans donate money for the worthy cause. In a funny twist of events, philanthropy is not Kenyans’ middle name anymore. The non-governmental organization which apparently ‘does not’ profit off of people’s misfortune i.e. the current malnutrition situation, has been exposed for misusing money that is meant for victims. An employee who works at dadaab has exposed the rot that the Kenya Red Cross has been up to. The informant claims the Red Cross was awarded a contract by the UNHRC to provide health services in IFO refugee camp that Is part of the dadaab complex. The money was supposed to be used to run all the health activities of the camp but that never happened and the health service was taken away from Islamic Relief Kenya in 2017. Which begs the question, where does all the money all go to? Have these NGO’s become the new face of corruption disguising as rescuers in times of trouble?

The recent launch of an initiative to help malnourished persons, has backfired on the Red Cross team and Kenyans ask for transparency over how the previously donated money (Kenyans for Kenyans) was used. As much as we are still battling online  over who stole which money and who misused the money that was supposed to fund projects to avoid the current food shortage situation, Kenyans continue to suffer on the other side waiting for relief food. The ugly sides of us that is showing is as a result of anger that comes from the jubilee governments’s incompetence and  has been sowed for the  past five years, better choices have to be made in the next general election.

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