Pay child support! Gospel Singer Ringtone exposed by Baby Mama

Judging by the songs gospel musicians’ release, you’d think they are angels sent to look over us. That is not usually the case as the gospel industry has been filled a lot of controversy thanks to musicians who still are rooted in worldly desires. From Willy Poze to Bahati and now Ringtone, the list of controversial artists keeps growing.  Looks like Gospel musician Ringtone preaches water and drinks wine, the tenda wema hit maker allegedly is a deadbeat father to his eight year old daughter and does not pay child support even with the court on his neck.

A woman has come out to expose the millionaire musician who is always flaunting his wealth on social media claiming that she has been begging him to pay for child upkeep but Ringtone has been ignoring her pleas.

‘I have singlehandedly provided for my child for eight years. It has not been easy for us, really tough. I slept on the floor with my daughter , I could lay a bedsheet on the floor and place sweaters where my daughter could sleep because we didn’t have a mattress, lacked enough food times I would go to bed and tear because I don’t know what to feed my daughter the following day … ’

The unnamed woman claims that ringtone has been abusive to her every time she asks for child support. she recounts a day her daughter had to go for surgery and Ringtone claimed not to have money and through his lawyer , went ahead and claimed her didn’t have a child. But in a twist of events, he sent thirty thousand shillings to cover the costs for the surgery.

Now the woman is seeking for help from the musician to help raise the child. The gospel artist has not yet addressed the issues brought up in his name.

‘The tears I have shed for the last 8years only my bed knows. At times am not able to control myself and my daughter keeps asking me what’s wrong  , she cries too telling ,e it will be okay ….’  Wrote the woman in an emotional post.

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