Where Is the Body of William Ruto’s Former Pilot? Family demands answers!


The family of the late Captain Marious Maisiba Magonga are seeking answers about their son’s body and refuse to bury remains until a DNA test is done. Capt. Maisiba who perished in an air crash early this month in turkana has not yet been accorded a proper sendoff because of the many unanswered questions that the family has over his death. There have been rumors going around that politics played a part in the death of four Americans and Maisiba who apparently on the fateful day flew at night which was not his norm.

Captain Maisiba was one of the most experienced pilots in Kenya and was based at Wilson airport.

The family demands to know the nature of the business of the Americans who prompted the captain to fly at night. At the moment, the bones collected from the site have been taken abroad for further analysis.

The deputy president showed his support earlier in the week by visiting the family of captain Maisiba. He described him as an accomplished, disciplined and reliable pilot who loved his job.


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