Is Akothee Considering Doing Gospel Music? Ezekiel Mutua would be Proud! Video


In Akothee aka madam boss aka president of the single mothers’ house there’s never a dull moment. Everyday there is a new showcase of talent and new shenanigans that keep us entertained.  From her crazy dance moves on stage to her mini reality show on Instagram, Akothee is never shy to let her fans know what’s happening in her life. The controversial musician with a sexy body is quite a good dancer and it seems this video of Akothee is bound to make her number one critic Ezekiel Mutua proud. Mutua has in the past expressed his disgust over Akothee posting obscene pictures and videos on her social media from her live performances.

Today morning Akothee posted a video of her in a long dress dancing and singing along to gospel music, something totally new to her fans who are used to her “Good morning bitches” slogans on social media.

The vocal musician seems to be enjoying herself and we are totally digging this refined Akothee vibe.  A chill Akothee is all we need in this chaotic country.

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