How Sh 5Billion Jet fuel disappeared from JKIA depot during Airport workers strike

Corruption syndicate and shameless cartels have proved not to be shaken by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s enhanced corruption purge as Kenyans have been treated a fresh loss of billions taxpayers money.

In a shocking revelation, 51 million litres of jet fuel is reported to have disappeared in the thin air causing a supply crisis and delayed flights at the Moi and Jomo Kenyatta international airports.

The scandal exploded on Wednesday when Oil Marketing Companies ( OMC ) discovered huge variance and wrote to the Kenya Pipeline Company to explain the loss of the Jet fuel that was valued at a whooping Sh 5 billion.

In the letter, the oil marketers said that as at March 4 2019, the total loadable stocks held by all the oil marketers was standing at 61.78 million litres of jet fuel, but Kenya Pipeline insisted it had only 10.52 million litres of jet fuel in their system. According to the Oil marketers, after the March 7 workers strike, a huge variance between Kenya Pipeline books and the physical stocks was discovered.

“We wish to advise that this reported low Jet A-1 stocks and looming fuel crisis within KPC system is not clear to us. It is therefore evident that there is a huge variance between KPC books and the physical stocks. The 51.26 million litres variance of our jet stocks in the KPC system requires an explanation from KPC as we have already imported this stock and discharged it into the KPC system and the same confirmed by your records.” read the letter

According to insider reports, the jet fuel was allegedly siphoned fuel at Kenya Pipeline Company depot in JKIA in a coordinated operation by mysterious persons.

Our source revealed that the unidentified individuals took advantage of the confusion at the JKIA that was occasioned by striking workers to siphon out the fuel, leading to the loss of sh5billion belonging to innocent oil marketers.

On that material day, the Kenya Workers Airport Union workers had downed their tools protesting the proposed merger of Kenya Airport Authority and national courier Kenya Airways, thereby disrupting international and domestic flights.

By the time of going to press, nothing yet was reported from the DCI headquarters; if at all they have or planning to conduct investigations over the mysterious loss of the jet fuel.


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