Maraga on the Spot over Nepotism Allegations

    The Judicial Service Commission has received a petition to remove Chief Justice David Maraga from office. The petition, handed in through Charles Koech & Associates by Mr Yusuf Dimbil Ibrahim, makes a number of allegations against the Chief Justice such as corruption and abuse of office, tribalism, impropriety and attending political rallies.

    Chief Justice Maraga’s tenure has been faced with turbulent times since the October 2017 nullification of the presidential poll, where he ran out of favour from a number of politicians and a section of Kenyans.

    Things have not been made any better by recent electoral petitions which were presented at the Supreme Court, most recent one being the controversial Wajir gubernational election petition where the Maraga led bench upheld Governor Mohamed Abdi’s election.

    Mr Dimbil, in his petition accused the Chief Justice of already having a predetermined result in the Wajir election petition, saying Mr Maraga in a concurring opinion in the Laikipia gubernatorial petition delivered on February 8, made reference to Wajir gubernatorial election petition, which had not been delivered. The judgment on the latter was delivered on February 15.

    The other accusation is that the Chief Justice has been attending political rallies, which can be translated to be a reference to the CJ being spotted among the crowd in Kisii at a road side stop, where President Uhuru, in company of HE Raila Odinga and the Deputy President was addressing the public, after presiding over launch of a 2.25 Billion Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Center.

    It is a standard procedure for anyone seeking the removal of a judge sitting in the country’s Supreme Court to do so through the Judicial Service Commission which will then summon the judge to respond any allegations against them, and later JSC makes a decision on it.



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