Families of ‘Faulty’ Boeing from Ethiopian Airline Victims to get Sh17Million Each

A Montreal Convention treaty now allows each of the families of the Ethiopian Airline crash victims could receive as much as Sh17 million.

The treaty,  adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization, stipulates that “if an airline is found at fault for an accident, each affected passenger is to get a minimum value equal to 113,100 special drawing rights.”

The treaty stipulates that if  it can be proven that an airline did not take all required precautions for a flight, there will be no limit to what a victim can recover.

In the case of the KQ crash in Douala Cameroon in 2007, for which the investigation report was released in 2010, most of the compensations was based on out of court settlements between the families’ advocates and the airline.

In another crash involving a KQ plane in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, in 2000 the airline paid out at least $135,000 (Sh9.72 million) in compensation to each family that lost a relative.

There has been a global uproar on the safety of Boeing 737 MAX plane fleets, the very design that crashed in Ethiopia, with a number of countries banning planes in this design from flying in their airspace.

The Sunday crash came after a crash of plane of the same design in Indonesia in October last year.

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