Fake News! Nation Media Group blasts Tanga Tanga bloggers

A picture by Nation Media Group dismissing the fake front page headline.

The Nation Media Group has disowned a picture portraying one of its newspapers, The Daily Nation showing a headline in which it implicates business Jimmy Wanjigi for being involved in the Aror and Kimwarer dam scandal.Jimmy Wanjigi threw his weight behind Raila Odinga in the 2017 polls.

The fake picture of today’s Nation newspaper front page reads ‘’Jimmy Wanjigi paid 6.5 Billion for dams’’.The government through its investigations department, the DCI confirmed that the country lost close to 21 billion shillings in the Aror and Kimwarer dam scandal,in which payments were made to the contractors without any single work being done to date.

While informing the public on the misleading fake headline, Nation Media wrote,’’Here is today’s Daily Nation front page. Do not fall for fake headlines,’’ putting two pictures side by side of two front pages one with an imprint of ‘genuine’ and the other ‘fake’. Kenyan Report has indeed confirmed today’s Daily Nation headline reads ‘’Gloves off as Ruto allies take on Uhuru’’ and not the fake picture doing rounds on social media.

The DP and his troops have castigated the DCI for lying to the public, saying only 7 billion shillings was unaccounted for, and that DCI sleuths were being used to politically fight DP Ruto. Since then, Tanga Tanga has been on a war path to sanitize their master’s name and today’s fake newspaper headline is another futile attempt by Ruto wing to change the corruption narrative.


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