Tanga Tanga is the Face of Political Parochialism

Deputy President William Ruto at a past event.(Picture Courtesy)

Our history as a nation is riddled with a dark past ,one which most of us fight hard to disregard every moment leaders come together to embrace project Kenya. Political antagonism split Kenyans every five years and this come at a great cost. However, there comes a time in history of any nation where leaders put their interests aside to solely focus on what their people need. When two left wing   French socialists and sworn political enemies, Jules Guesde and Mercel Sembat joined hands to work together in 1914 with the government in the spirit of union of sacree, old political enmities were forgotten and new alliances were formed. Many years later, this would have a great impact on France.

President Kenyatta and HE Raila Odinga came up during different political times. Whereas the younger Kenyatta was not at the forefront or among the list of leaders who fought for political pluralism, Mr Odinga has been in the trenches spanning decades of his political career. In moments of great peril, a nation goes back to its founding principles and creed to remind itself on the core tenets of its existence. It is this memory back in time that culminated to events of March 9TH 2018.

On the other hand we have witnessed an upsurge of political parochialism   from leaders who refuse to tame their ambition, and accurately so, they have regrouped to torpedo the Kenyatta-Odinga unity. Their loitering or ‘Tanga Tanga’ has grown to an outfit of self-serving political buncos.Their focus on small issues ,like who is being investigated over what beats the logic of any visionary leader who wants their country to bask in glory of prosperity for years to come.

Tanga Tanga, even though tamed, is a conglomeration political bullies with zero ideological inclination or alignment to the nation’s creed.It is a group of court jesters and delinquents foaming in the mouth without anything of substance. They hoover from one county to another for political hand outs from their suzerain, who has his spoors on every major infamy in the republic.

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