Brexit: Another Catastrophic Defeat for PM May

UK Prime Minister addressing Parliament after her Brexit deal was rejected. (Picture Courtesy)

UK Parliament has once again resoundingly defeated the Brexit deal, which sought to remove Britain from the European Union.UK Lawmakers voted 391 to 242 against a proposed deal by Prime Minister Theresa May. The PM had urged lawmakers to vote for her deal or risk ‘’no Brexit’’ at all.

Even though May appealed to the legislatures before this critical vote was taken, telling the House it was a time to ‘’come together’’ and “prove beyond all doubt that democracy comes before party, faction or personal ambition”, her pleas fell on deaf ears as the lawmakers were adamant.

According to Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, the deal which PM May had presented before the House was ‘’the same bad deal’’ MPs had rejected in January. “After three months of running down the clock” the prime minister had “achieved not a single change to the withdrawal agreement”, said Mr Corbyn. Mrs May had hopes that the amended document of the proposed deal would win support of the MPs after its first version was equally strongly rejected by parliament in a January vote.

Speaking after the second catastrophic defeat, the PM said ‘’she profoundly regretted the decision taken by the House and said she continues to believe that the best outcome is the UK leaving he EU in an orderly fashion with a deal.’’

The PM proceeded to say if the House votes for an extension, the Government will seek to agree that extension with the EU and bring forward the necessary legislation to change the exit date commensurate with that extension.

This vote will have a political implication on Theresa May’s popularity as the UK heads to November election in which she is expected to face stiff opposition.

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