Drama as GSU Officer Goes Commando on Two Traffic Cops Harassing a Bodaboda Rider

It was like a scene from commando 2 as two male traffic police officers attached to Sioport post in Funyula, Busia County were on Tuesday afternoon clobbered senseless by a General Service Unit (GSU) officer, who busted them soliciting bribes from a bodaboda operator and his customer.

Residents say the traffic cops, who were dressed in civilian clothes, had placed a roadblock on Port-Bumala road, when they stopped a bodaboda rider and demanded that he and his customer, a fish trader, to give them money.

The GSU officer, a Funyula resident, was walking past the cops, when he stopped to ask them why they were harassing the bike rider and his customer.

One of the traffic police officers, identified only as Onyango, however, slapped the GSU officer, prompting the aggrieved man to retaliate.

And retaliate he did, rendering the two greedy traffic cops vegetables. The duo took to their heels toward the Sioport post.

One of the cops, Onyango, sustained serious head injuries and was rushed to Sioport Sub-District Hospital, where he was bandaged and discharged.

Residents say the two police officers have been harassing bodaboda riders in the area, and urged County Police Commander, John Nyoike, to take action against the two.

Wait, there is more. Onyango, returned carrying a knife to one of the kiosks in Funyula, where the GSU officer was seated and dared the red beret man to attack him again.

Residents, who had spotted a knife he was clutching in his hands splayed across his waist, warned the GSU officer that Onyango was armed.

“Don’t confront him. He has a knife,” one of the residents was heard telling the GSU officer, who swiftly walked away from the five cops.

Busia County Police Commander, John Nyoike, said an investigation into the conduct of Onyango and his colleagues has been launched, and that appropriate action would be taken once results of the probe are out.

Residents say the two police officers have been harassing bodaboda riders in the area, and urged Mr Nyoike, to take action against the two.

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