Stop hailing President Uhuru Kenyatta for appointing Prof. George Magoha as the new Education CS.

He is just playing politics and transacting business.

Kenyatta does not love intellectuals that he would reward them. What has he ever done about Auditor General’s reports, if he truly cares about anything?

Prof. Magoha is replacing Ambassador Amina Mohammed who has since been moved from the docket to the Ministry of Sports.

But how did this happen?

Former Sports CS Rashid Eshesa got himself fired by the president and got replaced by Amb. Mohammed.

Echesa was always a loser. He was never going to stay there. He never stopped being a street urchin, always running his untamed mouth against “big” people. Amb. Mohammed replaced her because she has always been a reserve CS with otherwise an active position all the time.

Echesa and Mohammed come from Western Kenya. Swapping one with the other should make you see Kenyatta’s game of politics.

As for Prof. Magoha, he was just an idle chip that conveniently found its way to the table. He will not bring any good change in the Education system.

It is so saddening that Kenyans are praising President Kenyatta for simply swapping his puppets–  so depressing that Kenyans get easily excited and duped.

How sickening that a shameless puppet-swapping now seems like a saintly act for which President Kenyatta deserves sanctification!

The entire Cabinet is comprised of either Ruto’s or Kenyatta’s puppets. If the president really wanted to do good, despite their differences, he would have appointed Dr. David Ndii as the CS Treasury, or, better still, Dr. Ouko the Auditor General.

It would be naïve and myopic to misread Prof. Magoha’s appointment as some glorious change for which Kenyans have been praying.

This is simply a matter of convenience for President Kenyatta. It has nothing to do with the betterment of the education sector or this country at large!



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