Arrest These White Collar Robbers or The People Will Act, Raila, Atwoli, Mudavadi to Uhuru

Opposition leader Raila Odinga and COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli have demanded that the officials caught up in the Sh63 billion white collar heist step down to allow for investigations.

Raila said the Government must adopt radical measures to fight corruption and save the country from disintegration.

“We wake up daily to stories in the media of mega corruption scandals. We read stories of billions of shillings being paid for projects not implemented. We see billions of shillings being transferred to people in Italy, United Kingdom and others. Yet we don’t have stronger mechanisms to address this challenge,” Raila said when he launched the Pan-African Trade Unions Symposium in Nairobi yesterday.

“These people who are stealing are criminals and they should be dealt with as such. If they were in China, for example, they would be living in another world (sentenced to death). The corruption in Kenya makes people think we are living in outer space, not on this Earth.“We should device radical means to deal with graft. If we let this continue, we will soon not have a country.”

They said if Uhuru fails to sack them, Kenyans will hunt down corrupt suspects and arrest them.

“The government’s enemy is not the trade unions but those involved in stealing taxpayers’ funds. Workers just need trade unions to secure their interests,” Raila said.

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi demanded Uhuru sack Treasury CS Henry Rotich and his Water counterpart Simon Chelugui.

“If some of them will not be put in jail, I can tell you, your Excellency, that citizens are going to take action. We know where the criminals live,” Atwoli said.

The leaders said stolen public funds end up at a particular top government official, whom they want investigated.

“We cannot sit down and see poor people suffer while one greedy person is busy illegally amassing wealth. It is immoral, evil and bad to deny Kenyans good health, good transport, and good lives,” Atwoli said.

Raila said, “All the money stolen ends up in the same hands which are known to everyone. The main suspect is also known.”

The leaders said they will take matters into their own hands if people accused of corruption are left to roam free.

“We might not have a country tomorrow. Kenyans will be forced to pay for loans that never helped them,” Atwoli said.

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