Politicians Did Not Invent Corruption. Everyone Is Part of the Bigger Problem.


Africa has some of the most corrupt countries in the world. The continent is so corrupt you’d think corruption was invented here. Time and again, citizens across different countries complain of corrupt leaders, who were elected by the same people, but nothing ever bears fruit most times. Few corrupt individuals have been made to face the law but top officials always get away with it. How you ask? It is still the same people who cry about corruption that will accept to be bribed by these leaders to help them stay away from prison.

Until we learn to say no to corrupt and blood money, we will still have this vice within us years to come.

Kenya for example, corruption scandals rock us every other day it is impossible to get shock attacks from new revelations. It has become a cycle, get caught in a scandal, citizens take to the streets to demonstrate against the vice then after much publicity of the victims, they run for office. It is like the Philippine movies, very predictable. The saddening part of all this, we keep reelecting same leaders who do not bring anything new to the table.

The few strides that have been made cannot be ignored either. But the number of shelved cases overshadow the successful prosecutions that have been made. We should not celebrate yet. Corruption is deeply rooted in us. It is only magnified when we get those government jobs. That is when our rot is exposed. Some still manage to go unnoticed, it is only the perpetrators who would know, to us, it remains a mystery.

How did we get here?

All this dates back to post-colonial period when people who fought for our freedom from the white colonialists became the oppressors. Even when we go to the hospital, a doctor`s diagnosis of terminally ill patients entails several tests to determine what’s eating them up. Until we dig deep and correct our mistakes from 1963, we will still host bitterness over who owns the most land and make it a life mission to also have our grandchildren inherit stolen property.

Each of us plays a role in magnifying this vice. From giving that bribe in order to have our children attend the best schools, bribing traffic police when we break traffic rules to even paying for a document to be forged , it is the small “favors” that end up being NYS scandal episode  13. Until we learn to say no to the 1500ksh, 3000ksh, 500ksh, we will still suffer under the pangs of this vice. The society puts more focus on the big scandals but ignores these petty cases not knowing that’s where it stems from. That is a lot to ponder on, think about it.

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