Passengers left in distraught as Kisumu International Airport floods

Passengers were left in distress as they watched helplessly how the Kisumu International Airport lounge flooded on Friday evening. The lakeside region experienced heavy downpour that affected flights in the airport which were not able to land due to bad weather. Passengers had to be flown back to Nairobi as a result.
A recent video that has surfaced online, shows the airport in deplorable conditions. Many have been left astonished as to how the management could have allowed passengers to experience such. An airport lounge is probably the least place one would expect to be inconvenienced because of heavy downpour. The roofs were leaking from all corners and the whole lounge flooded, almost to human ankle length.
It was flooded to the point people had to stand in groups in specific areas of the lounge so that they would not be wet from the rain.
This unfortunate event comes barely three years after the airport received a facelift which costed over 3.3Billion Kenyans shillings.

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